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Are these inclusive in your Checklist?
Tips to help us as the lockdown eases out
1       Ensure you say a prayer before leaving your House

2      Make sure you have your Face Mask on (or find yourself at a greater Risk of Arrest)

3       Be sure you are carrying an Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer in your bag

4       For those using Public Transport, I will suggest wearing a long sleeved Shirt or Long Sleeved Dress.

5     It was suggested that, Plastic Shoes or Sandals may be good for the times as it can withstand the spray when you return home. Meanwhile The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases found that COVID-19 can survive on plastic for up to two or three days, meaning shoes featuring plastic components are also risky — though that’s not a primary concern for some doctors. “The sole of the shoe is the breeding ground of more bacteria and fungi and viruses than the upper part of a shoe,” emergency physician Cwanza Pinckney.

6      Simple hairstyle may be the best for resuming work for now especially the Females, e.g Loose Cornrows, Bantu Knots and Natural flat twist style.

7      Take a nylon bag from home, stuck it in your purse or hand bag, put all the monies, change collected from other persons during your journey, Sanitize your Hand regularly and frequently.

8      You may need few light wrappers and those large dustbin bags at this time. Put it at your doorway before you leave home.

9      Train and Supervise Family members going outdoor. If the outing is not essential, do the run-around yourself while the others stay at home.

10     Go through the shortest possible Transport Route to work.

11    Avoid taking off your Face Mask or ease it out to your jaw throughout your journey. Learn to start speaking loud-enough to be heard through it.

12     Maintain Social Distance as much as possible while in commute.

13   Avoid standing right opposite whoever is talking to you. Take a step sideways so you are not directly opposite and turn your face slightly away from their mouth to avoid droplets falling directly on your face.

14     Avoid ALL Sneezers and Coughers please even if you have to hurry past ahead of them or cross the road carefully to the other side. No apologies.

15     Frequently Sanitize your Hands after entering and sitting in the bus and after you alight. DO NOT FORGET

16     Avoid roadside Foods, You must let go of roadside for the meantime.

17    Private Vehicle Owner - giving lifts may be very risky at this time. Take responsibility for your personal safety, your family's and that of others around you, especially if you intend to use the AC in your vehicle. Some Bosses have now dispensed of their drivers to drive themselves. Have you also noticed that Oga has been the one behind the steering now…..

18     Do not skip the Temperature-Check at the gate in the name of “I Work Here”.

19     If there is a queue at the Hand Wash or Temperature-Check spot, make sure to maintain Social Distancing. If others disregard Social Distancing, notify the person in front of you and step aside till it's your turn.

20   Make sure to adhere to all the laid down Safety Rules, Guidelines, Regulations, Protocols, Schedules and Precautionary Measures, etc at the work space. It is your business to intimately know all these Work Safety Rules

21  Report any person or persons on your Work Space Breaching the Workplace Safety Rules. Your business is everybody's business, please.

22    Anyone in your workspace showing these underlying signs, e.g Coughing, Sneezing, Running a Temperature and Drooling. Make sure to report to the Authority so that "Necessary authorities responsible could be inform for onward transmission accordingly ".

23     If you feel unwell, put a call through to your superior or send a text message which will allow a proper decision to be taken before resuming to work. This protocol must be in line with State Guideline as advised by the NCDC

24     Do your work diligently and be vigilant to keep out a high index of suspicion for suspected cases. If in doubt, avoid danger or report to the authority.

25     Wear all your Protective apparel when you are at Work.

26     Change all your protective apparel and appropriately dispose of the old ones when you suspect contamination. Report it to your superior too.
27     Do not Congregate needlessly at work. Communicate by phone calls if possible.

28     At close of work, dispose of all your disposables appropriately. Don't litter the floor or leave on the table.

29     Wash your Hands or Sanitize them before picking up your bags and personal belongings to head Home.

30     Avoid picking up your Phones and taking it straight to your Head to answer or to make calls is Risky. You should put it on speaker and walk away for privacy so it doesn't have to be raised to your head.

31     Maintain all the Safety Tips on your way back home.

32     Avoid hugging anyone or allow them to run out to hug you.

33     Remove your Long Sleeved Dress and throw into the large disposable bag by the doorway.

34     Remove your plastic shoes and spray down with Hypochlorite Fluid (It is used on a large scale for surface purification, bleaching, odor removal and water disinfection).

35     Discard your clothing and put it in the bin bag with the overall. Tie the light wrapper.

36     Then, enter the house proper and carry the bin bag of the day's clothing with you. Straight to the bathroom.

37     Soak your clothing and overall from the bag in hot water and soap immediately.

38     Wrap the bag to a ball and pin to hold in place making sure the inner part is not exposed to the outside.

39     Get into the bath and wash yourself out with very warm water and soap including the head and as appropriate.

40     Dress up and then you are ready to be with and attend to family.

41     Use your daily immune booster or supplements e.g. Vitamin C, B Complex etc.


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