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Coronavirus: Trump say US dey reopen weda vaccine dey or not

America Presido Donald Trump tok say weda dem see vaccine or not im must reopen di US.
He say normal life must return to America pipo even though vaccine no dey.
Oga Trump sfor one news conference on Friday announce plan to develop one coronavirus vaccine before di year end.
Di vaccine project wey im call “Operation Warp Speed", go be like World War Two wen di kontri produce di first nuclear weapons for di world.
He say di project go start wit di study of 14 promising vaccines. E go be di biggest scientific, project wey di kontri neva see before.
But sabi pipo dey doubt if di vaccine fit ready inside one year.

Italy goment don sign one decree wey go allow pipo fit travel enta and comot di kontri from 3 June as dem begin reduce di coronavirus lockdown measures.
Dem go also gree make pipo fit travel go different states for di kontri.
Dis move na one major step wey di goment dey take to reopen di economy afta dem lockdown for two months.
Italy get one of di highest number of pipo wey die wit coronavirus for di world but di infection rate don dey reduce.
More than 31,600 pipo don die wit di virus for di kontri, di third highest figure afta US and UK.
Italy na di first kontri for Europe to impose nationwide ban wen dem begin see high cases of coronavirus for di northern regions for February.
But dem begin relax those measures small-small wen dem allow dia factories and parks to reopen 4 May.
Shops and restaurants go open for 18 May but dem must do compulsory social distancing.
Catholic churches also dey prepare to resume Mass for di same day but strict social distancing go dey and worshippers must wear face masks. Oda faiths go also dey allowed to hold religious services.
1,460 Covid-19 patients don recover for Ghana

Di number of Covid-19 recoveries for Ghana shoot up big time as 1,460 people recover, according to di Ghana Health Service.
Dis latest recovery figure mean say, 786 people test negative after dem go through treatment.
Meanwhile, infection rate go up small plus 108 new cases, which push country total go 5,683.
De country record 4 more death cases which dey peg death toll at 28.
So far de capital, Greater Accra record de highest Covid-19 cases, with over four thousand cases, region with de least number of infections be Bono with one case.
Check Covid-19 figures according to regions for Ghana
Greater Accra Region – 4,248
Ashanti Region – 798
Central Region – 210
Eastern Region – 99
Western Region – 87
Western North Region – 57
Volta Region – 34
Northern Region – 31
Oti Region – 26
Upper East Region – 26
Upper West Region – 21
North East Region – 2
Bono Region – 1

Una good morning

Welcome to our live coverage of di coronavirus and how e dey affect di world.
But before we continue, make una use dis proverb start ginger una morning.

Wear mask or face three month jail term for Ghana

Ghana dey explore legal options which go make failure to wear nose masks criminal.
After govment use law criminalize dis, e go mean say wearing nose mask go be compulsory to all persons for Ghana as part of Covid-19 personal preventive protocols.
Govment say people wey go fail to wear nose masks in public spaces go fit go jail for up to 3 months.
Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah talk say “legal options dey wey we dey consider to ensure strict enforcement of personal preventive etiquette like wearing of mask.”
“Hopefully, we go announce de legal options soon,” he add.
President Akufo-Addo after lifting lockdown on parts of de country announce say, Ghanaians for wear nose mask if dem dey public places.
But de directive no sheda go down plus some people who still dey walk around in public without nose masks.
BBC Pidgin talk plus some residents of Accra who dey town but no wear nose mask.
“I know how I dey do myself for house wey I no go get de virus. I dey wash my hands, I use hand sanitiser but nose mask wey I no wan wear,” Bernard talk BBC Pidgin.
Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo
Image caption: Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo
Another worker for Accra, Justice who talk say “I no dey want wear nose mask sake of I no like am. Also e dey make my customers feel like I dey sick.”
Sake of de shortage of nose masks, Ghana govment partner local garment producers who dey make nose masks locally for health sector den frontline workers.
Govment say people go fit wear nose mask which dem make from local fabrics wey vendors dey sell or any material which dey cover dema nose dem mouth well.
Total coronavirus cases for Ghana dey stand at 5,530, out of which 674 recover wey 22 die.


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